Bachelor of Business Administration

Hult International Business School


Bachelor of Business Administration

Hult International Business School

At Hult, you will do more than learn the fundamentals of business and earn your Bachelor degree. You will learn to see the world differently.

At Hult, our approach to academic learning is based on the knowledge that the leaders of tomorrow must have a global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our distinctive approach is designed to foster both, focusing on the study of business in an international, real-world context. This creates an exciting academic environment that will continually challenge and inspire you.


What makes Hult unique

The Bachelor program at Hult International Business School is unlike any other undergraduate degree you may be considering.

By bringing together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world, Hult provides you with a uniquely global and transformative educational experience.

A multicultural perspective

In this international, collaborative learning environment you will draw on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of your peers and learn to see the world through a truly global lens.

Your global classmates

Each year, Hult seeks to enroll a diverse incoming class from all over the world. On campus, you'll meet and collaborate with fellow students who have a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and interests.

You recognize Hult students as soon as you meet them. They are passionate, curious, and determined. They are interesting and engaging. And they don't follow the crowd, because they are busy forging their own way.

Although our students come from all over the world, they share the same DNA:

  • An interest in the world
  • An open mind
  • A bold spirit
  • A creative intellect
  • A resourceful attitude


Wherever you choose to study at Hult, the one thing that remains consistent across our global campuses is the quality and rigor of our Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum.

At Hult, you'll master the fundamentals of global business while having the freedom to pursue your passions and gain invaluable real-world experience. You’ll also specialize by picking one of five Majors to study in-depth.

Earning your degree

Our undergraduate business curriculum comprises courses in General Education and Leadership Development, Business Core, Electives, and your Major - culminating in a Capstone Project.

You’ll earn 120 credits to complete your undergraduate degree. A credit is the basic unit of measurement for degree progression at most American universities. Individual courses at Hult are generally worth 3 credits, and you’ll earn at least 30 credits each year.

How you could graduate within three years:

  • Earn up to 12 additional credits each year through our Summer Programs.
  • Depending on the high school system in your home country, you may start your degree at Hult with up to 30 Advanced Placement credits.
  • If you qualify for our Academic Excellence Track, you can take extra courses during the academic year.
  • If you are transferring to Hult from another university, you could bring up to 60 qualifying credits with you.

Real-world business experience

From high-value internships to hands-on projects for real clients, you’ll constantly be challenged to put your classroom learning into practice at Hult.

You’ll gain relevant, hands-on experience and develop the communication skills and mental toughness required to thrive in today’s global marketplace.

The Academic Excellence track

At Hult, the most academically talented students are given a range of incentives and opportunities for accelerated degree progression.

If you achieve outstanding results in your first year of study, you could be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities and courses exclusively for Academic Excellence students.

The Combined Degree Program

If your academic goal is to pursue a Master degree, our flexible curriculum makes it possible to earn your Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of International Business in just four years.

Hult's global campuses

As a student at Hult, you will have the opportunity to call some of the world’s most dynamic and international cities home.

Gain an unrivaled global perspective living and studying business in London, San Francisco, Boston, Shanghai, Dubai, and at our Ashridge Estate Campus in the U.K.

Four countries, one global degree

Each academic year, you’ll choose London, San Francisco, and in 2018 Boston, as your home campus. Over the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new business culture as you earn further credit towards your degree at Hult campuses around the world.

The rigor of the curriculum and the passion of our professors remain the same wherever you choose to study at Hult. This makes for an entirely seamless transition between our global campuses.

Costs & financial aid

Hult is committed to providing a high quality business education that provides life-long value for your investment. Helping you understand exactly what your education will cost, and what your financial assistance options are, is our goal.

We provide a personalized approach to helping you understand the financial aid options available to you, no matter what country you are from. Get in touch and we can discuss the resources available to help fund your education.

Cost & Fees

Billed Costs of Attendance for 2016-2017:1 London GBP San Francisco USD
Tuition2 £23,850 $36,450
Housing prices starting from3 £8,280 $14,500
Total tuition, housing, and fees £31,930 $50,950
Billed Costs of Attendance for 2017-2018:1 London GBP San Francisco USD
Tuition2 £24,900 $38,450
New Student Fees £550 $850
Housing prices starting from3 £8,280 $14,500
Total tuition, housing, and fees £33,730 $53,800
1Estimated costs of attendance are based on the standard two-semester academic year, not including Summer Programs.

2Tuition costs are based on 30 credits per year. Any additional credits will be charged on a pro rata basis.
3For standard shared rooms.

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, tuition, fees, and accommodation at any time without notice. Any such changes immediately become effective for all students.

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